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Get High-quality Treatment for Braces in Moonee Ponds

All Smiles Family Dental is keen to help get your smile in place with personalised orthodontics treatment. We provide high-quality braces and, combined with our one-to-one approach, strive to deliver a positive experience to those residing in or near Moonee Ponds.

Whether it’s for kids or adults, we have numerous options for patients of all ages and lifestyles. We can assure a hassle-free treatment that brings long-lasting results every step of the way. Book your appointment today.

Why Consider Getting Braces?

Braces is used to commonly refer to regular orthodontics treatment that involves teeth straightening.

Using wires and brackets to fix teeth misplacement has been tried and tested over the years and is a great option if you need to correct bites, straighten your teeth or simply fix contact between your teeth. Aside from regular straightening, braces also help alleviate speech impairment, aid in digestion, and enhance oral hygiene.

Braces can also suit people of all ages ranging from little kids from the age of 7 to adults in their mid-40s and even seniors aged 70 and up. Though treatment plans would differ based on your age, you can still achieve a beautiful, healthy smile you can be proud of with your set of braces.

Make a Difference to Your Orthodontics Treatment

All Smiles Family Dental has a dedicated team of experienced dental specialists that provide one-to-one braces treatment in Moonee Ponds. We don’t believe in a one-off approach to dentistry and offer tailored care at all times to ensure your teeth straighten naturally and to their best ability.

We take into consideration all your questions and concerns and offer practical advice to help you benefit in the long term

At All Smiles Family Dental we can always advise you on the right set of braces to suit your orthodontics requirements.

For those aged 7-10 we suggest a tailored growth treatment plan to help children overcome any misalignment issues later on. To those within the range of 10-21 years, we recommend getting fixed braces solutions. Patients beyond age 20 also have a choice of fixed braces but other treatment options such as Invisialign and Social 6 braces are also something to look for.

Ready to get your teeth straightened without any discomfort or worry? Reach out to our friendly team or visit our practice for a quick consultation to see how we can help you best. Get in touch today.