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We at All Smiles Family Dental aim at maintaining the oral health of all our patients right from seniors to kids. When it is about your kids, our team of child dentists in Moonee ponds dedicates its expertise and knowledge to provide them with the best possible dental care and advice which is specific to their needs. We provide tips for teething, consultation on effectual oral hygiene at home, and preventive treatments like sealants from age 6-8 about first molars. Moreover, we can also provide consultation about dietary habits which can assist in maintaining the oral health of your kids.

Children’s Dentistry at Our Practice

All Smiles Family Dental is delighted to have over children of numerous age groups to our dental office where we ensure they are comfortable, always looked after, and cared for. We are aware of early oral health habits and its overall importance and reflect that to ensure our little patients get a lifetime’s worth of healthy teeth.The process at our practice recommends children get their very first appointment at the tender age of 3. However, we also encourage parents to bring their children during their dental appointments irrespective of how old they are. This is just to help them get acquainted with our children-friendly environment and make for a positive time at our practice.

We assist children and parents with:

  • Appropriate dental hygiene best practices (right flossing and brushing techniques)
  • Recommendation on suitable time of braces and orthodontics
  • Recovery for mouth-related accidents
  • Treatment for prevent sealants
  • Diet recommendation and dental decay treatment
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Oral habits addressal

Make Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist Special

Some dentists simply have the natural ability to engage with young patients and make them comfortable at their first visit, which is definitely our forte. All Smiles Family Dental is honoured to have some of the best Children’s dentists and hygienists in Moonee Ponds. Together, we can make your child feel right at home during treatment and see that they have a jolly time at our practice.

All our dental staff have a wealth of experience in assisting children with their dental needs under different circumstances and will ensure a quick and anxiety-free treatment.

We believe the best time for your child’s very first dental check-up is when they are at the tender age of three. It’s essential that your first visit to the dentist is encouraging, fun and educational for your child so that they feel no anxiety later on.

To learn more on how you can prepare for your child’s first visit to the dentist, feel free to connect with us for assistance.

We Treat Dental Emergencies for Children 

There are certain instances where your child may meet with a knocked out or chipped tooth. In such situations, it’s common to panic. However, it’s also possible to get prompt and quick emergency dental treatment at the dentist where your child’s tooth can be saved.

Our dedicated emergency dentists at All Smiles Family Dental are readily available and can strive to offer quick treatment for your child during a dental emergency. We have a special team of dental experts from general dentists to hygienists and orthodontists to handle all aspects of your dental needs.

To book an appointment for your child, feel free to call us at our practice today.

Children have precise needs while growing from infancy to their primary years and in adolescence. During the various stages of life, the approach towards dental care might change based on their distinct needs. We shape our dental care to avoid any current or future dental problems.

To ensure the long-lasting dental health of your kids, it is wise to start thinking about their dental health right at the age of 5 to 12 months. At this age, you can clean their gums with a soft, damp cloth after meals. This helps to eliminate the milk remains. The first teeth that erupt are the bottom teeth. When your kid is three years old, he or she is likely to develop their primary teeth.

After an eruption of primary teeth, brushing twice a day is helpful. You need to use a kid’s toothbrush to do so. Until your child is grown up and can spit the toothpaste, you can brush their teeth with just water. After they are at the age to spit, you can use a small portion of fluoride toothpaste. However, you must ensure that the toothpaste is spitted out completely to avoid the fluoride stains.

Developing good dental habits at an early age has lifelong benefits. Kids can know how to brush their teeth by observing how you clean your teeth. In case you have some concerns about the proper way to brush and floss or need tips on how to teach your kids about dental hygiene, then our expert hygienists can provide with necessary consultation.

Healthy teeth are important at each stage of life, even during infancy. As your child grows, healthy teeth are essential for proper chewing, and also for the development of proper speech. We urge our patients to come in with their kids and get their teeth and gums assessed by our expert dentists. Our child dentists in Moonee Ponds will examine any signs of dental developmental problems and provide with necessary consultation regarding prevention of potential problems.

We have gained a reputation of being a reliable and expert child dentist in Moonee ponds and will be pleased to help you in taking care of your little one’s precious smile!

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