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Reliable Dental Bridges Treatment in Moonee Ponds

Are you aware that when it comes to dental bridging work, not all is done the same way? It is only through a well thought out treatment plan and diagnosis that we can build a rigid and realistic-looking dental bridge for your chipped, cracked, or missing teeth.

At All Smiles Family Dental, we offer an end-to-end treatment for dental bridges in Moonee Ponds to help you flaunt a happy and confident smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative procedure in which a set of artificial teeth are placed on behalf of missing teeth such that it matches the respective adjacent teeth.

The procedure is commonly used to restore a tooth or teeth that are severely decayed and cannot be saved using a crown. It is also used as a replacement for a tooth or teeth that are lost in the course of a trauma.

A dentist would also recommend getting a dental bridge treatment as a second option to hide any missing set of teeth.

A dental bridge usually consists of a set of three crowns paired together such that it fits between the gap of two teeth, thus hiding it. If the teeth on both sides need added fortification through crowns then you get the advantage of protecting them as well as having your lost set of teeth replaced.

Dental implants are another procedure that is sometimes considered a substitute for bridges.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

There are numerous benefits you can get with dental bridges. Fitting a dental bridge can help restore a natural looking smile. Besides that, a dental bridge will also help you prevent bone loss near the jaw, letting you maintain an even facial structure.

Dental bridges also improve pronunciation and will also restore your ability to chew your food appropriately.

How Many Appointments Will I Require?

Both dental crowns and dental bridges need two appointments to finish the treatment with the former focusing on preparation and the latter for fitting.

If you feel your broken or missing tooth needs a restoration it deserves, please get in touch with our dentists today.