We now provide all dental services using standard precautions as outlined by Australian Dental Association against COVID-19

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Get the Assistance You Need for Emergency Dental Treatment

All Smiles Family Dental emergency dentists are always ready to assist any type of emergency dental care, whether it’s anything minor or something severe. Whether you’re a new patient or someone who has seen us earlier, for any dental emergency that needs immediate addressal we will guarantee you will be seen by us the day you inquire.

We always put aside any type of emergency appointment each day to make it easier for assisting patients calling for help. Understanding how excruciating dental issues can be, we thus do our best to offer all the needed care. You can thus rest assured that your concerns will be taken care of on priority by our experienced team of dentists.Kindly get in touch with our receptionist for any type of assistance and they’ll attend to your needs promptly.

For us to adjust the right and suitable appointment time for your concerns, kindly ensure if your gums, tooth, or overall teeth:

  • Hurt or not
  • Are sensitive to any type of chewing, hot, or cold foods.
  • Experience pain from a certain location (such as top left)

If you’re coming from a certain location, refer to our service locations to get an idea of the areas we serve or get in touch with our practice for any contact details.

You Can Count On Us for Emergency Dental Care

All Smiles Family Dental provides emergency dentist services for those who have suffered dental-related damage or pain. If you feel it just cannot wait or you want an expert medical opinion immediately then there’s no need to plan an appointment weeks away. We can provide emergency appointments as early as the very same day.

Don’t wait and suffer in pain. If left unattended dental emergencies can lead to further complications. Whether you have a really bad toothache or even something like a chipped veneer or lost filling you should seek emergency dental care.

Our staff is very experienced in all the standard pain relief procedures and can help with any issues regarding sudden tooth pain. Any broken or chipped teeth or fillings can be fixed permanently on the same day.

A dental emergency can take place anywhere and anytime. We can help you to deal with them and prescribe necessary treatments to stop the condition from worsening.

Read on to know how we can help you.

1. We can provide you with instant help in case of an accident.

Any kind of dental accident calls for an emergency dentist. You need immediate help in case you lose a tooth or if your gums bleed. Your emergency dentist can take prompt steps to avoid worsening the situation and provide essential treatment at the right time.

2. We can help you in case of the partially dislodged tooth

You need to visit the dentist right away in case your tooth is partially dislodged. An emergency dentist will place the tooth in the right place and make sure that you can feel better. By doing this, the dentist also avoids chances of infection and saves your natural tooth.

There are several other benefits of an emergency dentist. Visiting an emergency dentist immediately can help you heal rapidly. Also, there are no hassles for an appointment and you get suitable treatment as soon as you reach the clinic. All Smile Dental is a highly qualified team of emergency dentists in Moonee Ponds which can help you to heal from dental emergencies efficiently. We ensure that you are comforted before any dental treatment is provided.

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Please call us on (03) 9370 9206 to arrange an emergency consultation. For more information, connect with us or visit us away!

We now provide all dental services using standard precautions as outlined by the Australian Dental Association against COVID-19. To continue our excellent and passionate service to our community, we are providing emergency services. Call us on (03) 9370 9206.

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