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Treatment for Gum Disease in Moonee Ponds

Gum disease can leave a severe impact on your overall dental health which is why getting treatment at a periodontist is recommended. At All Smiles Family Dental, we specialise in offering professional dental treatment for gingivitis or periodontal disease to ensure a faster and effective recovery.

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What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease is a disease in which there is a gradual loss of gum as well as bone tissues that hold your teeth in position. It begins with irritation along the gum line and then progresses to the dissolution of bone tissues, which results in early loosening of the tooth and its eventual loss.

It’s therefore important to detect gum disease early on with treatment.

What Happens During a Gum Disease Diagnosis?

When you visit your dentist to get treated for gum disease, a dentist conducts a dental exam where they would check for things like:

  • Bleeding gums, any kind of swelling, firmness, or depth between your gums and tooth (more the depth, higher the severity of the disease)
  • Mobility of your teeth, alignment, and overall sensitivity
  • Examination of your jawbone for detecting any breakdown of your bones nearby the teeth

Gum Disease Treatment at Our Practice

At All Smiles Family Dental, we are passionate and dedicated to help you maintain healthier gums and a confident smile with our gum disease treatment.

Our dental specialists help maintain your gums and hard tissues like bones that help aid your teeth. We follow a completely straightforward and streamlined process to assess any bleeding, mobility, or recession of your tooth.

Following the detailed assessment, we offer personalised treatment and hygiene plans too for patients. So whether you’ve a few or many different dental concerns, we consider everything to make your treatment special and unique. You can thus rest assured a long and appropriate amount will be spent during your diagnosis. This could range from as long as 40 minutes to hourly sessions.

Besides the regular treatment, we also offer follow-up diagnosis on a monthly, quarterly, or on-need basis to assess any advanced gum disease symptoms. This, along with comprehensive dental exams and our accurate diagnosis, is to strengthen your gum disease treatment on all ends, leaving no risks whatsoever.

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