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Sports Mouthguard Dentistry in Moonee Ponds

All Smiles Family Dental takes pride in offering special sports dentistry solutions like custom mouthguards for participants. Whether you are a part of a football team, play ice hockey, or practice in a boxing ring, we can design a custom-fitting mouthguard for your everyday needs and ensure your sports don’t interfere with your oral health.

As a dental clinic offering reliable preventive dentistry solutions, we always strive to give participants the best and fully-tailored mouthguards available in Moonee Ponds. We will diagnose, design and offer a mouthguard that’s easy to fit and prevents you from a range of facial or athletic injuries. Get in touch with our practice to book an appointment today.

Why are Mouthguards Important?

Mouthguards are necessary for those that practice different types of contact sports such as boxing, hockey, derby, rugby, and water polo where there are high chances of injury to the teeth.

Mouthguards offer protection to the teeth as well as oral cavity through a thick layering which absorbs the impact of the sport. Mouthguards aren’t only effective at preventing breakage, knockout, or loss to the teeth. They reduce the chances of experiencing surrounding injuries to the head or neck too.

A mouthguard will do this by preventing collision to the lower jaw. This saves the participant from serious accidents like jaw fractures, concussions, cerebral hemorrhages, or neck injuries.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards come in numerous shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. However, they can be generally classified into two major groups.

  •   The Boil and Bite Mouthguard

This specific mouthguard is fabricated using thermoplastic which makes it cost-effective compared to other high-quality mouthguards made custom-crafted by dentists. The only disadvantage is that these specific mouthguards can awkwardly fit in your mouth or be difficult to adjust. This could interrupt your breathing or speech when playing a sport.

  •   Custom Dentist-made Mouthguards

We at All Smiles Family Dental recommend having a custom-designed mouthguard from a dentist for those into contact sports. Compared to regular ones, such mouthguards fit comfortably and offer good stability. These provide well-rounded protection against any type of dental trauma and can allow better breathing and speaking.

Specialised Mouthguards in Moonee Ponds

To keep you protected at all times during your sporting sessions, All Smiles Family Dental offers specially designed mouthguards at our practice in Moonee Ponds. Our professional and highly-qualified dental prosthetist will work closely with you, take the necessary impressions of your teeth, and construct a mouthguard that is sturdy and comfortable.

All the work is done onsite where we take great pride and care in making your mouthguard. We also arrange an appointment to ensure your newly-created mouthguard exceeds your expectations in quality and protective features.

Need a high-quality mouthguard made for your own needs? Get in touch with us for a consultation today.