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Teeth extraction refers to the removal of teeth that cause pain are broken or not aligned. The procedure is comparatively simpler for the removal of visible teeth but it gets a little complicated when the teeth are below the surface or are broken. It requires utmost care before and after the procedure as well. At All Smiles Family Dental, our team of dentists and oral surgeons is fully equipped to perform teeth extraction for the people of Moonee Ponds and guide the patients regarding various do’s and don’ts that need to be taken care of post the extraction.

There are two ways of tooth extraction; one is simple extraction wherein the dentist first numbs the area around the tooth/teeth to be extracted with an anaesthesia and uses an elevator, which is an instrument used to loosen the tooth. The dentist uses the tool to clip the tooth in it and removes the teeth. No pain or minimal pain is experienced in this type of extraction.

The second way of tooth extraction is surgical extraction; which is an extensive process wherein the dentist might use more than one anaesthesia to help you calm and relaxed during the entire procedure. This process involves the dentist to cut into the affected gum with a tiny incision and perform the extraction of the infected/broken tooth. The residents of Moonee Ponds now have it easier with the arrival of All Smiles Family Dental in the city.

It is advised to use an ice-pack from outside the mouth to calm the extracted area and recover from the pain, if any, caused by the extraction. At All Smiles Family Dental, Moonee Ponds our team of expert dentists also sit down with the patients, post the extraction and counsel them on further oral hygiene tips to follow.

You might want to consider a tooth extraction in the following cases:

  • Dental Cavity: If fillings or dental crowns could not help your decaying tooth, it is time to consider a tooth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth: We all know how painful and uncomfortable wisdom tooth can get, especially when they become impacted owing to less space in your jaw for new teeth. It is advisable to remove the wisdom tooth in situations like these with the help of tooth extraction
  • Overcrowding of teeth: Unexpected growth of additional teeth can cause overcrowding in your mouth which might cause discomfort and embarrassment, at times. The solution at this point is to get the additional tooth/teeth extracted by a professional
  • Infection in teeth: There are numerous causes for infection in teeth that might cause extreme pain and discomfort in the infected area. A tooth extraction should be considered in situations like these. It will also stop the infection from spreading in the rest of your mouth.

For any further queries related to tooth extraction, feel free to drop us an email and fix up an appointment with our expert dentists. Teeth extraction in Moonee Ponds has become easier than before.